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· begs buy number: 071014295
· releases a type: Individual
· brand asks: Strange luck car
· model asks: QQ3
· fixed number of year asks: 4 years
· trades area: Province (Tianjin)- - the urban district (0)
· color asks: Yellow
· registers time: 2007-10-14 17:50:2Hit number at 6 o'clock: 172
· buys car use: Ride instead of walk
· is about to buy price: 30000 yuan
· configures a requirement: ABS brake system; Gasbag of driver's seat safety; Air conditioning system; The hand unplugs;
· other asks: Arrive 3 years 6 years thorough is OK price range is discussed, intermediary not faze


"Contact information "
· buyer full name: Wang Ruigang
· connects a telephone call: 13102227283
· contacts an address: Tianjin city river on the west area