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How should when car travel enters special a section of a highway, drive
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  DeneWhen traversing loose sanded land, must not jockey, must maintain wheel divide evenly fast roll. Before entering sanded ground, want to be quickened ahead of schedule, till the ability after be being passed entirely but decelerate. When traversing sanded land, can feel the wheel encounters powerful resistance, speed is reduced apparently, do not want right now flurried, increase accelerator a little, try to increase speed.

   Adamant roadThe car is when travel of adamant road surface, shake unusually badly, it is the test of pensile to the car system. Sail this kind of a section of a highway must control speed strictly, do not exceed hour of 20 kilometer / the most quickly, besides the feeling that takes care of the personnel on the car, more important is protective tire, prevent to discard as useless.

   MuddyJudgement is in muddy road whether the simple measure that adopt, it is to see the mark that has a car to pass, the trace has car travel to pass with respect to the specification, the time that the car before the trace explains newlier passes is shorter. Still can judge according to the size of the trace, size going out is why to be planted car, the difference of size of the discretion that compares chassis with his car photograph, horsepower and car weight, whether successful travel goes. The skill in muddy transport travelling is, if mud is thicker, can hang 2 block, but speed cannot too fast, enter be sure to keep in mind not to jockey among muddy road or shift gears. Notice to hold good travel way even when travel, straight travel is crossed, otherwise the wheel is inclined go ahead, obstruction increases, skid easily throw tail.

   Gravel pathNamely the earthy road with more cobble or asphalt road surface. When starting, tire will be slight skid, can increase accelerator, had ground from cobble as soon as possible, advance smoothly in order to gain larger driving force. This kind of road surface can affect the result of apply the brake of car, avoid by all means is urgent when turn decelerate, bring about car sideslip more easily so.

   ChannelIn the travel in channel, must open headlight, this just does not let you see clear road surface, also let rear car identify well and truly at the same time your position. If what you are not familiar with tunnel railway, so, be sure to keep in mind rein in speed, the graticule that looks carefully to go up thoroughly and indicate solely instead, the taillight of the car before following goes, lest walk along driveway of the other side, produce risk.