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Block car foundation automatically to drive skill
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Although most person can be thanked what block the life automatically to bring is a lot of and convenient, but the drill that after also can be being blocked automatically to driving at the same time, loses accuses fun heart to put a regret. Actually, want you to know a few rules that block a car automatically only, apply ably drive skill, block a car automatically to also can change a pleasure that uses the likeness that block a car with the hand, drive of course the method can be moved with the hand block a car to be widely divergent. The design as a result of the software form that blocks automatically is complex and changeful, so automatic transmission also can have on different model feel and drive differently method, a few common characteristics also exist between them nevertheless, undertake introductory with respect to one by one now.

Block switch to fall compulsively with O/D block

Move to seek a hand of wave low block carry fast sex, we also can use the O/D in blocking a car automatically to block switch to fall compulsively block. Probably somebody can ask, if do not have O/D foil to close, and how should when is need car quickened quickly, do? Did not forget, automatic transmission still has a Kick-down(to fall compulsively block) function, step on accelerator quickly position of a standard-sized sheet namely, right now transmission can be reduced automatically block will obtain more strong accelerate the effect. Those who need an attention is, in Kick-down this kind of operating mode falls, automatic transmission chafes mediumly an attrition, calorific phenomenon is more serious, cause disintegrate or stick easily receive, answer to be used less as far as possible.

Similar hand blocks the shift gears method of the car

If you are inherent,be a speed have a fever friendly, want to there is the most violent acceleration to feel in blocking drive a vehicle automatically particularly, also can use similar hand to block the shift gears method of the car, be about to block lever by start begin to press 1, 2, 3, the ordinal shift gears of D, should see revolution counter is adjacent or arrive at red zone time, hang immediately block high, can make full use of so the motivation of engine, achieve the fastest accelerate the effect. In fact, this is automatic transmission car 1, 2, 3 etc block a kind of use method. Additional, be in declivous when, these block an effect that still can have apply the brake. Nevertheless, using these blocking when having apply the brake, when must letting speed compare normal travel, should block litre block speed low ability to undertake, otherwise corresponding low block actuator to will damage because of quick attrition, raise use cost.

Comfortable fortune uses low speed to block

Leave to block a car automatically with D when the travel on ramp, because resistance is greater and bring about speed to drop, when the speed with fall certain automatic transmission can be reduced automatically block, obstruction is more than because of driving force again later and make the car is quickened, when waiting for the speed with rise certain, rise again supreme block. If slope means is ample long word, such since, make transmission is blocked in these two back and forth on jump to be changed, formed " jump often block " , such meeting aggravate chafe in automatic transmission piece wear away. The person that drive with respect to need at this moment is mixed according to the size of gradient road circumstance, choice L, 1, 2, 3 Zhong Mou is blocked suitably, make transmission stable from beginning to end block a travel here. Actually, this is a setting L, 1, 2, 3 etc block a the mainest reason, also be a kind of compulsive lock stops block means. Usually, when driving if do not have special requirement, will not block lever to be in D, 3, 2, 1 etc block dial back and forth move. Special prohibit blocking lever to be dialed in travel lieutenant general N is blocked or be in declivous when block with N glide, otherwise, the idle as a result of engine fast movement, make decrease by the oil pump fuel delivery inside the transmission of engine drive, because lubricate,cause the part inside automatic transmission undesirable and attaint.
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