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Car illiteracy is common 5 big errors bite off own head to kill a car again
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Face plate of 1 automobile body has jumped over analphabetic error more forcedly

Phenomenon: Knowing is intended or innocently, when a lot of people are choosing a vehicle, can press with the hand get off housing, especially engine lid, see automobile body face plate use material is solid. If feel cave in is overmuch, can be opposite this car sniff, think vehicle case is too soft, insecure.

Comment on: Actually, in collision process, get power basically it is the automobile body framework below face plate, is not automobile body face plate. The concern of automobile body face plate and car security is very small, and automobile body framework (automobile body structure) with expect and suck can designing ability is

Decide the key of car security.

2 engine jump over analphabetic error T is better

Phenomenon: A lot of consumer do not know car end from the back that " T " it is what meaning after all, add at the back of the car that just discovers the market is measured 1.8 rows " T " the vehicle that measures than 2 is even expensive. Then, one is carried on the back at the back of the car " T " the car became oxcart, begin to be opposite " T " scramble for sth.

Comment on: "T " it is turbine supercharger (the abbreviate of Turbo) . Turbine supercharger is an air compressor. The biggest advantage of turbine pressure boost is it is not increasing engine to discharge the foundation of the quantity to go up, raise the power of engine and torque substantially. But have so that have surely break. After engine passes pressure boost, the structure of component needs to undertake corresponding aggrandizement, what arise in the job is highest erupt pressure and average temperature will rise considerably, its machinery function, lubricant function can be affected, the cost of daily attention and maintenance also raises somewhat.

The configuration inside 3 cars has jumped over analphabetic error higher

Phenomenon: Configuration is gone after blindly when partial consumer buys a car high-grade, function is all ready, ask small-sized car has the equipment of large and luxurious car and function highbrowly even.

Comment on: Must not be puzzled by a few gewgaw device, want to choose proper configuration according to the circumstance of oneself. The configuration such as indication screen of high-grade DVD, high sound, high-grade liquid crystal makes admittedly the costly move of the car times add, but do you see TV a few times have again inside the car? It is money flower with its on the configuration with very low utilization rate, be inferior to spending money on edge, buy to be mixed in space, motivation, safety hold the car with dominate a field better to come substantially.

4 cars price jumps over analphabetic error low better

Phenomenon: It is better to when a few consumers buy a car, think car price is lower, think to the store of lowest of price of a car can choose when buying a car even, and it is OK that another 4S stores choose when maintenance. Still what the consumer with not sensible minority sees a businessman depreciate, sales promotion activity buys the car hurriedly, do not consider integrated factor too much.
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