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Drive You Tu to help mediumly oneself tool
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Drive oneself journey, a few main safe articles for use and tool must be taken neat. Check a car to go up first before set out whether the safe tool of stock level. The spare wheel inside the car, jack (Carjack) with the car advocate manual is more crucial, how to because manual can define,use jack, discharge to be mixed except tire change spare wheel.

· triangle warns a mark: Had better use when the state gives on the freeway; To seek taller safety, the mark if with gules flashlight idealer.

· caution light: Auxiliary triangle warns a mark, applicable in the line of sight undesirable or nightly environment, red blue is flashy.

Box of · emergency treatment or

Emergency treatment bag: The opportunity that uses does not calculate little, already labelled a standard to deploy in abroad, but a lot of people or ignored. "Emergency treatment wraps basic content " proposal: Tincture of iodine, yellow liquid medicine, merbromin, clincher, cotton, gauze and bandage.

· attacks window hammer (the car uses flee for one's life tool) : This went to small hammer when need, good but big. Main function is used at the agglutination glass that checkmate car uses all right now, or be car window often suffers hydraulic effect and cannot open when traffic drops into water, at this moment only checkmate car window sought to live on.

· scissors: On board provide for oneself a scissors, precautions averts perils, produce an accident when the car for instance and safety belt however when entwine body, can use clipping safety belt to flee for one's life.

· fire extinguisher: Car happening is accident, engine may catch fire because of colliding, the market already had now confuse you lightly model fire extinguisher, can collect any storing is in inside the car inside box, reserve at any time.

Agent of · filling embryo: Can prevent become flat quickly disappointing, in tire " normal still " below the state, from tire fill filling embryo agent gas mouth infiltrates, it can be followed disappointing crevasse automatic fill and level up. The effect that filling embryo agent produces can be solved temporarily tired, can let a car continue to rest to stand or build a workshop to the next.