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See revolution counter shift gear
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This is very simple extremely significant also issue. Because the working state of an engine is direct,come out from the report on rotate speed. With 3 water chestnut - lancer development the 7th generation (MITSUBISHILANCEREvo.VII) the 4G63 engine that go up is exemple, horsepower of its the biggest output is 280ps/6500rpm, the biggest torque is 39kgm/3500rpm. Be in that is to say the its ability output is the biggest 3500 torque when turning, and want all the time when 6500 turn it just has the greatest horse power to be worth output. Here inserts a common sense: Torque can be quickened with allowing a car fast, equestrian muscularity can let car pole fast tall. Tell from this meaning, if you think the function of own car is developed,arrive extremely to, or it is to want to be mixed racily others violent wind car, criterion must the output that has stepped on the biggest torque first takes a brave rotate speed, had stepped on the output belt of the greatest horse power again, it is sturdy even when when revolution counter finger makes the scale of red line area of revolution counter, step on next separation and reunion again elevatory first gear, had come to the process above afresh then.

Once one opens La Diao (BLUEBIRD) the car of U13 advocate the car that blames him to oneself is too slow, instantly is taking someone his condole arrives to turn high wrapped up circuit, meet the car exceeds all the way, the wonderful air that does not think SR18DE engine turns high however allows a car advocate turn pale with fright, go up to be frightened on the way look ashen, again and again beg for mercy. So this car advocate ferial drive the habit is to be less than 2000 turn to shift gear, engine still does not have there's still time to exert oneself to be lifted by him first gear controlled rotate speed go down, run how possibly quickly? Driving daily in, your may not should play rotate speed every time, need to find only oneself think proper rotate speed place went (domestic car is at present general it is 3500rpm the most appropriate) . Do the bones and muscles that exercised your engine already so, rose to drive again fun, where is what is there against it?
Perhaps constant somebody tells you to shift gear should see speedometer, second gear goes up immediately after what starts, on 20 kilometers 3 archives, 40 kilometers rise · of · of · of · of · of 4 archives · this does not have scientific reason completely. The gear of contemporary car is not samer than each, using so babyish mode all to provide all models is very funny really. If this covers your believe in academic, that you this all one's life also plays not to turn racing bike and racing bicycle.

Decrease archives movement HEEL&TOE with foot

Understood rotate speed and the concern that shift gear first, you just can understand the excellent place of essence of life of this movement. Movement following foot is the cycle racing skill that enrols a tunnel, come out in semi-automatic gear-box previously, always want to become the person of cycle racing hand to must learn to follow foot action first. Be in Europe, the country with the car deeper culture such as day, of movement following foot popularize degree of no less than home " see speedometer shift gear law " . It is at present in course of cycle racing training, movement following foot is the most important paragraphic.
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