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See disposition from driving pose
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Single out please drive at ordinary times with you a the habit is nearest:

A, smoke to drive at the same time at the same time, the meeting when jockeying goes to crural lift up on steering wheel.

Abide by traffic regulation B, strictly, red light stops, green light goes, calculate a driveway very hollowness is same also.

C, think in others impossible circumstance leaves step on the gas, overtake other cars on the road, and flagrant others surmounts him.

D, advance down wagon flow, do one's best is smooth, have a case early brake.

Choose A: His personality is distinct, have definite idea very much at ordinary times, and originality thering is no lack of, humanness upright not A, everything lives according to all means. Overall for it is an idealist, ability is more outstanding also, can fawn on not quite so. Defect also concerns with this: κ still brightness not  of   Piao bakes Jie Ke breaks suddenly  to besmear gourd ladle a huge legendary turtle protects   Piao to knock at  of  of  of leech of Mei of Qi of graceful silk provide for to slaughter about why  goes  of mu of  cowardly Jin

Choose B: He is a real a man of noble character, everything is hardheaded, abide by game regulation. Nevertheless he chatters and meticulous disposition also can let a person feel not to have joy of life, especially the female can feel he is not quite humor, lack adventurous spirit. In fact excessive discretion misses many opportunity possibly also, communicating with the person, if intercourse respect can progress somewhat if, he just is become likely " 10 thousand people are confused " .

Choose C: He is a man that can make a girl enchanted very, his free and easy, self-confident meeting draws their look at a draught, because he is in likely,a certain respect is compared outstanding. Regrettablly is him far insufficient and adept, arrogant and love is peacockish, respecting becomes the man, he still differs one big chunk actually, the girl that before marrying, he pleases painfully, she can let him enjoy what treatment after marriage bad to said.

Choose D: He is person honest and frank, be good at getting along with the person, and adaptability is strong, handle affairs agile, can be mixed in all sorts of circumstances by the esteem of others fix eyes on. No matter be on the job or love, he can have careful plan, measured, successive, give a person trustful sense. But although he is very responsible, occasionally the heart is not very self-confident however, so not quite the meeting is active.