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The novice drives the 10 big mistakes that You Yi makes oneself
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The novice adds new car, it is to should adjust ability for some time originally of formal start off, but still can have many novice itch to try, the plan is opening him just " into the door " new car goes expeditionary. Driving You Yuan oneself is a happy thing originally, but the novice distributes new car, the inaccuracy in increasing journey undoubtedly decides an element. Here, besides remind everybody to drive oneself novices want bravery in journey substantially careful outside, the each property use of familiar love car and use method is very necessary also, not perusal car use manual is hurried start off, easy make a fool of oneself, car of serious possible still attaint causes traffic accident even. 10 notes belong to a car under advocate should

The basic common sense of this understanding, serve as a novice you but must make clear Hunan.

1 back door cannot be opened

Phenomenon: Backlash passenger wants to get off, discover how door also cannot be opened however, the handle outside using the door as a result is pulled gently left. The novice may think, flooey, look door lock became bad! Actually, this just is children safety lock had effect, when buying a car at that time, agency should have mentioned with you this function, can be actual when using, forgot.

Analytic: Postern from inside cannot open, because did not take care to start children lock,just be. When be being taken to prevent children accidental from door is opened inside the car, a lot of car equiped children lock, after children lock is started, hind door can from open outside the car. If be this kind of circumstance, it is OK to should shut children to lock up only. By the side of the door handle of the door after the children of a few cars locks up the position to be in, still a few cars will lock up an arrangement to be in the position of postern side, open an ability adjustment only.

2 air conditioning are not quite strong

Phenomenon: The car air conditioning that envies others really is so good, take the car of others to often feel algid, but oneself handlebar air conditioning leaves the biggest, also can be only at most " not quite hot " , and start air conditioning below the sun every time, want for a long time ability is cold come down.

Analytic: Do not envy the air conditioning of others home, browse first manual, you know probably why. Your oversight the action of pushbutton of loop of inside and outside, when if car started air of air conditioning inside and outside,circulating, refrigeration effect can drop apparently, but the advantage is air fresher. Contrary, if circulate inside pure use air conditioning, refrigeration ability will have rise considerably, but defect is being exchanged at lacking air of inside and outside, railroad car air is not quite fresh. Additional, the operating mode of the quality of sun film and engine can cause an effect to air conditioning effect.

3 change the line does not have a car to give way

Phenomenon: Want to change every time the line always should expend whacker effort, seem to be willing to let me change without the person line, the car leaves really tiredly! Many novices can have such idea, feel skinful is subdued even, the drive person of this city how cannot a bit more self-effacing?
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