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The be economical that raise a car has 5 great valuable experience
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In the times that prices rises at full speed, the car is friendly people the be economical wise move that contributes oneself in succession, experience of these civilian be economical, OK and reasonable side you use a car.

  Maintain on time: To save next upkeep in the future

"Much study uses car knowledge, to loving Che Qin to maintain. " car advocate Cai Jian expresses, diligent maintain look be like money wanting a flower, in fact, can let love a car to hold able-bodied body from beginning to end however, make love car little fall ill, be equal to the upkeep costs that reduced future.

Time maintain, the car has small abnormal knocking, small unusual seasonable examination, such doing saved the upkeep in the future. Car friendly Chen Hong expresses, although encourage the save money that use a car, but a minute of this flower cannot little. The love car that should decide course of development to give his regularly is guarantor raise, seasonable discovery loves car disease, make illness love a car gets remedying before aggravation, avoid to be money flower on long car as far as possible.

"Much to the car friendly learn from sb else's experience that has experience, understand the common sense that use a car, lest because use undeserved and cause a car to wear away prematurely. " model of Che Youyang winter is astute academic, he is in 6 years of time that use a car, learned oneself to go steam matchs the market to buy the easy waste time with reasonable price to maintain fittings, the stuff that need changes is taken oneself when maintaining, repair a factory to help please change. At ordinary times, he still increases protection to Che Qin, if be opposite every months,engine undertakes clean and be checkinged. As we have learned, he uses car so much year come, besides annual 3000 yuan two maintain cost, build fare expenses next to nothing.

Of course, when driving drive smoothly as far as possible, if road condition is bad, road surface pothole, want decelerate to go slow, protect machine and tire, delay their service life, likewise OK cost saving.

Save fuel: Nurturance is good drive habit

Fuel expenses is a car advocate one of the cost that use a car big, how to save oil, already by more and more cars advocate be valued. "The characteristic that masters a car and drive essentials, can reduce car loss and oily cost. " car advocate Fan Xinyu expresses, add speed ratio suddenly to be met slow quickly use up severalfold benzine more, let a car maintain divide evenly fast travel, avoid urgent quicken urgent decelerate. Additional, urban traffic more and more embrace, before walking, plan first course of drive a vehicle decreases embrace, decrease expect time, also can reduce fuel expenditure.

"Drive should have foresight, step on brake less. " car advocate Zhou Jianguo expresses, light start, slow cheer, the attention when driving is centered, discover road condition is discrepant often carry pre-treatment, can avoid temporarily slam the brakes on. For instance ahead receives red light, receive oil ahead of schedule according to speed, lean inertial before row, is not to wait draw near red light ability slam the brakes on. Additional, the embryo that often checks love car even is pressed, force of 4 wheel load wants even.
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