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60 thousand kilometers of beautiful 307CC/SW upkeep cost is average 2000 yuan /
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The economy with beautiful east wind car 307 believe Chinese consumer scarcely will be unfamiliar, be in Chinese area at present beautiful it is homebred model and entrance model 307 minutes. Homebred and beautiful it is 3 compartment and both sides model 307 minutes, law GB sends the 307 models that sell in home to be 307CC of racing bike edition and viatic edition 307SW. The model price of beautiful 307CC and viatic edition 307SW wants prep above homebred the price of 307, so their upkeep cost how? Whether to accept limits in yours in? We see beautiful 307CC and viatic edition 307SW be in what what travel needs in process of 60 thousand kilometer to maintain together below how much can amount be (the engine of 307CC and 307SW is same, it is 2 litres list 4 crocks of engine continuously, the charge that maintaining in the future so is identical) .

One, keep time character, head protect course of development to reach maintain periodic

The beautiful 307CC that introduces Chinese area formally and 307SW embark is 2 litres list 4 crocks of engine continuously. At present law GB sent former plant to be offerred for subordinate and beautiful 307CC and 307SW model 3 years of 100 thousand kilometer keep time character, inside this paragraph of time your car appears any quality problems can abide by relevant provision to undertake detecting mixing to 4S inn claim for compensation. After buying this car your maintain first course of development does not exceed 2500 kilometers, maintaining this is to undertake a few convention are checked only. Be in every 10000 kilometers after protecting should undertake to 4S inn car maintains, if with travel of add up to computation of 60 thousand kilometer needs altogether,should maintain 6 times to 4S inn (do not include first time convention to check) . Beautiful 307CC and 307SW maintain in French area course is 20 thousand kilometer, but Chinese road besides poorer maintain so course shortens to 10 thousand kilometer.

2, 10 thousand kilometers of 0-3 upkeep cost: Average every months of upkeep cost 150 yuan

After buying car, you need to return 4S inn to undertake maintaining first when 2500 kilometers (groovy examination) , need is in later travel returns 4S inn to undertake maintaining first when 100 million kilometer, to respect of this 4S inn the proposal shifts to an earlier date commonly hundreds of kilometers undertake maintaining. Homebred and as beautiful as great majority different is, the whole department model with handsome entrance is done not have " free head protect " regulation, because this is when 100 million kilometer car advocate need changes at one's own expenses filter of engine oil, machine, these two expenditure summation is less than 698 yuan.
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