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When water is contained in engine oil, lubricity can become poor, viscosity drops, light bring about engine oil premature metamorphism and parts are rusty; Cause engine to hold an axis in the arms again, burn the serious and mechanical accident such as tile.

We can judge the moisture content that whether excessive contains in engine oil through a few simple methods. Eye range estimation: If water is contained in engine oil, can show ivory, accompany have bubble. Still have a kind of idea: The engine oil infuse that will be checked heats in glass, be close to 80 ℃ to come when temperature when 100 ℃ , the generation in the cup " Pi bang " sound, also prove to more water is contained in engine oil.

The magical function of injector

When hydraulic pressure apply the brake and air of clutch system existence, the meeting is right of the car move bring safe hidden trouble. Groovy exhaust method is air from total pump to cent pump or from go up to be discharged downward. Actually, if air from cent pump to total pump or discharge from next upgrade, can achieve a goal likewise.

The fluid reservoir lid that should get on total pump only is opened, draw injector full oily liquid from inside fluid reservoir, after screw of air-bleed hole of to turn on, from cent pump injects to total pump oily fluid, can see bleb is in store ceaseless extensive has fluid bottle. Exhaust ends, screw air-bleed hole screw. According to from total pump from the order with close prep so far as, ordinal discharge gas of passageway of each corresponding hydraulic pressure.

A cotton thread removes trouble

Some cars often appear in use process this kind of circumstance: After full oil is being added inside gasoline tank, fuel caution light is bright. This kind of situation is encountered when going out, a cotton thread removes trouble possibly.

The carburettor float arm in oil level sensor pesters line of a few flosses on spacing piece, such, when carburettor float arm and spacing board when the contact, contact and blade do not come come away, oily watch finger can indicate gasoline tank accordingly full already, and call the police no longer.

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