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Autumn changes to tire pressurization winter tire drive a vehicle more on the sa
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Common saying says, the travel of a thousand li, only then at you. Tire is a car " foot " , should have used this pair " foot " , need the care of common dribs and drabs. We need floriferous dot time to observe it, understand it, the nip in the bud excels mend the fold after a sheep is lost. Such, nice tire gift gives us a safety and self-assurance. Already entered now October, air temperature is reduced increasingly, cold weather has come, "Foot " what special humour is there? What to need again special take care of? The reporter consulted the expert that build a car for this, help staff officer of your give advice.

North suits to use winter fetus

Generally speaking, after passing every year October, the northward air temperature outdoor will be general under 10 Celsius, right now the balata of common tire will become stretch and hard, abate gradually, function of the dry district performance of tire, wet road apply the brake is reduced, it is brake subsequently, hold accuse Ji Jingyin problem to appear, time grows slippery phenomenon of float of inevitable still generation.

In cold weather, return hard to avoid to appear to cause road surface because of weather of rainwater, ice and snow besides fresh gale wet the phenomenon that slips to freeze even, car advocate the affliction with drive walk on road surface of ice and snow difficult via often can having. Weather of ice and snow not only it is a kind of test to the driver's road-sense, also be a kind of test to loving car itself. The expert that build a car tells a reporter, wet slip or the road surface of dry and cold is full of safe hidden trouble everywhere, this asks our love car should have good brake performance, security hold accuse gender and stronger traction. Among them, the action of tire is crucial.

Generally speaking, is what car manufacturer assembles to car when car leaves factory all AllSeason? Is acupuncture point round-the-clock? The car tire of snow, this kind of tire handles general and common way besides be no problem below the circumstance that drives normally, so the four seasons all appropriate. But function is eclectic actually the character of summertime embryo and winter embryo, should drive outstandingly conceivably so the effect, use special winter tire even.

Urban travel careful choose old decorative pattern

Different model should choose different tire. Solid is distinctive Luo Ying of manager of Chinese division product tells a reporter, generally speaking, cross-country car can use cross-country tire, but cross-country tire but fractionize is a lot of model, each model have different characteristic and suitable scope, if have those who be aimed at urban concrete route, have those who be aimed at the alley between hill, have those who be aimed at desert travel. Because this is different car advocate drive the cross-country tire of cross-country car is endless also and identical.
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