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Upkeep cost of scrutiny La Se 3 years of 60 thousand kilometer year all 1300 yua
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Blue a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of 3 water chestnut fastens a model to already made one of models of numerous family first selection southeast, share athletic edition at present, comfortable edition and luxurious edition 3 series 6 models. Its depend on fashionable appearance and outstanding in the car that be the same as class drill to dominate show, be loved by young small customer gradually. For the customer that be bought to preparation and already bought La Se, their maintain and is cycle what kind of? Whether to bear in your economy in limits? We look below in travel 3 years or how much is the upkeep cost that place of model of the La Se in the process of 60 thousand kilometer needs (because fasten engine to all be 4G18S series completely, the upkeep cost that ties completely so also is basic and identical) .

One, keep time character, head protect course of development to reach maintain periodic

Model of series of blue a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument all is used east the 4G18S series engine that installs motivation to manufacture, and chassis, automobile body dimension and weight homogeneous phase are the same as, maintain so cycle and keep time character identical also. Head protect cycle to be after buying a car 3 months or inside 3000 kilometers (with random one arrives first to allow) , and be maintain by what manufacturer offers this freely material and total cost. In head after protecting, need to hint according to the manual every 5000 kilometers or 3 months undertake to 4S inn convention maintains. Below relatively abominable to the environment nevertheless use condition, the proposal shortens protect course of development and cycle, lest traffic is excessive,wear away.

2, first years / upkeep cost of 20 thousand kilometer: Be less than 100 yuan every months on average

In head after protecting every other 3 months or 5000 kilometers need to undertake convention maintains namely, because La Se belongs to homebred car, the material that reason maintains and man-hour charge are relatively inferior. Add up to first years 4 times to maintain inside 20 thousand kilometer namely, total cost only 1080 yuan, still be not worth 100 yuan cost on average to every month.

3, cost of 40 thousand kilometer raises 2 ~ somewhat: Bad news material changes cannot small inspect

Compare upkeep cost of first years, la Se rises apparently in upkeep cost of the 2nd year, but 1415 yuan charge believes amount also is average household completely OK susceptive. Of charge as a result of,rising basically is of material of few points bad news change be caused by. Change like what oil of apply the brake reachs sparkplug, to changing the reachs an environment demand of quality is relative taller, brought about the addition of man-hour charge, antifreeze also is such. . But be based on safe respect and to the protection of engine character, this nods the addition of charge or content is worth somewhat.
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