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Car of dry and seasonal love wants " moist " 4 big " protect wet hairdressing "
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Enter the autumn, air becomes dry, your love car also needs " protect wet hairdressing " , love car most " delicate " place includes dermal interior trim, seat, tire to wait a moment respectively, these place are easy below dry environment ageing, corrugate even craze, need a bit auxiliary things to add a car only nevertheless advocate attentive caress, the problem is solved very easily.

Dermal interior trim wants " moist "

Do not feel dermal to seat and dermal interior trim are a car inside " most sturdy is highest grade " equipment does not need to protect, the skin that is like a person is same, once dehydrate,dermal products falls in dry environment overmuch, can wrinkle even chap.

Dermal seat maintains have two methods, it is new Che Gang when be being bought, give the dermal seat besmear of new car dose of a glazing first, add a covering layer. 2 it is to maintain regularly, every month cleans an agent to be wiped with professional leather softness, undertake maintaining mixing decontamination.

The expert is recommended: Recommend a kind to be able to be protected already wet the protection that won't make derma becomes fat again is tasted -- " the car is used nurse clean towel " . Its function includes all other need inside stage of clean glass, appearance and car to wipe clean place. The mainest function is to nurse the coriaceous component inside the car, wipe via it, dermal component still can maintain a week to control " moist " the effect.

Balata, tire needs " repair "

Although loading car the weighty responsibility such as waterproof, sound insulation, the balata sealing strip with the not little amount to on the car is the easiest however by the car advocate the place of oversight. Insolate for long and air humidity is small bring about them easily premature ageing. Same, the tire that makes by balata material is very flimsy also, below long dry environment, the balata stuff of tire is extremely easy ageing.

The expert is recommended: Be called " tire treasure " balata material maintains the agent is the articles for use that defends wet balata part technically. Its action basically is moist, the balata sealing strip that repair is damaged and tire.

Lacquer face wants " protect wet "

The skin that the lacquer face of the car likes a person is exposed everyday in the air environment with dry autumn, natural need is done sufficient defend wet effort.

The expert is recommended: The high grade product that protects car lacquer area is very much, face of reducer of face of abrasive of face having lacquer, lacquer, lacquer nurses muti_function protective agent of face of clean towel, lacquer, these nursing the product has clean, polish to add the effect such as the bright, degrease, mark that divide candle not only, still can form diaphragm in car lacquer face.
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