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Different contamination processing technique is different car bilge is cleared h
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Leaving to love car travel to be in the city, it is a car advocate one great a happening that gives great satisfaction or pleasure. Nevertheless, between car travel and after jockeying, you may encounter a few problems, for instance, do not know on engine lid when much one caboodle birds' droppings, the on what moment splash a few pitch that wash very hard do not know on automobile body, every this a variety of, make you relatively cheesed. How does ability have effect ground cleanness in time these bilge, and still won't injure lacquer face, let love a car to restore in former days beautiful glorious?

● birds' droppings

Car advocate because fear to insolate, and park the car below shade of a tree, the result was infected with birds' droppings however, this kind of circumstance is not scarce. Birds' droppings belongs to biology fecal, opposite for, composition is simpler, caustic not strong, clean and easy. Nevertheless, cent wants to be two kinds when processing. If discover quickly, can nod with clear water, with quality of a material softer dishcloth or paper towel are brushed try; If be long,just discover, must want to use crystal candle, hairdressing candle to enter wax processing.

Charge: If need to wax, charge is controlled in 100 yuan probably

Remind: It is easy to be cleaned because of birds' droppings just about, car advocate treat sth lightly easily instead. Because the likelihood in birds' droppings has a few hard grain, be like not digestive fruit carapace, if use paper towel to brush directly,try, face of car of very easy cut. Because this must use Shui Rong to solve first, just can undertake next processing.

● bitumen

Burning hot summer, the bitumen be heated of road surface is dissolved, splash very easily go up in car face. If the circumstance is lax heavy, asphalt can be used to clean an agent to dissolve its on the pitch that worked, next reoccupy dishcloth is wiped. If automobile body was passed,insolate, as a result of the action of sunshine, bitumen has penetrated lacquer face interior, arise corrode action, this is about to ask professional personage to undertake judging to injury. Generally speaking, can undertake trying with polishing candle first, if cannot keep clear of, want what use with professional car to grind sand paper to undertake wiping.

Charge: If wax,can handle, probably 300-400 yuan; If need is special,wear the word of sand paper at what the car cleans, cost is higher, more than 600 yuan.

Remind: Because asphalt is clear it is certain to wash agent itself to have caustic, accordingly, after daub passes, want to undertake in time cleaning to car face; Otherwise time is long, car lacquer also can have loss.

Protection love a car is little stick person

1, the need when open air jockeys notices whether periphery has tree, the likelihood such as evasive conduit, air conditioning wants when stopping in subterranean parking lot the position of drop water.
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