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Liu Hu
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Number: 0810232111
· type: Individual
· brand: Liu Hu
· model: ROVER75
· fixed number of year: In January 2004
· trades area: Province (the whole nation)- - the urban district (0)
· color: Blue
· is brand-new valence: 250000 yuan
· offers price: 250000 yuan
· registers time: 2008-10-23 17:19:3Hit number at 6 o'clock: 21
· standard configures: Direction helps strength; Car end flow spoiler; CD machine; Fog lamp; ABS brake system; Alloy annulus is encircled; Gasbag of safety of deputy driver's seat; Air conditioning system; Guard against theft charges in; Four-wheel drive; Unplug automatically the hand unplugs seat of dynamoelectric driver's seat; Derma sits chair; EBS;
· add configuration: The top matchs
· engine parameter: The platoon measures CC:2500 valve are counted: 6
Most high-power: -- - Kw/rpm is the biggest torque: -- - Nm/rpm
Fuel system: -- - oily bad news: -- - rise / 100 kilometers
Highest speed per hour: -- - Km/h 0-100km/h quickens time: -- - second

Seller full name: Yu Le
· connects a telephone call: 13110001778
· contacts an address: Tianjin city river east Ou Weiguo