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Nearly 7 collect fuel tax to solve a city to have a problem into netizen approve
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Does urban traffic have a difficulty that become dense is your city embraced was blocked up?

Sina car dispatch to alleviate traffic is embraced, beijing adopted only even numbers to be restricted to go during the Olympic Games measure, after solution was restricted on September 20, although of first weekday commute fastigium did not appear large area is embraced, but solution is restricted the traffic situation contrast of around let people have more deep-felt experience to urban traffic, how to solve traffic effectively to embrace a problem to make the central point that people pays close attention to again. To dismiss the view of consumer, sina car channel and information of Xin Huaxin international seek advice (Beijing) limited company was rolled out jointly about " the city has a state " network investigation, reclaim in all effective questionnaire 248.

6 think into above consumer urban traffic is embraced serious

All over the world inside limits, economy developeds, the wen is faced with traffic more or less to have a difficult problem, big city nature of China is not exceptional also. Xin Huaxin investigation shows, in the city that participates in investigation, the urban transportation situation that the person be visited that there all are 60% aboves in the 4 ground dweller of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen thinks they are in " special difference " , among them Guangzhou to lead.

To current public traffic condition, the customer that 4 become above thinks " cannot satisfy " its give the demand of travel daily, the customer that at the same time also nearly 4 is become thinks " can satisfy basically " .

In the city that participates in investigation, the person be visited of Beijing is right at present the satisfaction of traffic situation is spent want prep above other city. To receive 2008 of the Olympic Games hold, beijing government is admitting public traffic, improvement in last few years the respect do one's best such as urban environment, adopt a variety of measure to try hard to go out to create good condition all right for the dweller. See through findings, the purchase of Beijing government level sex effect.

   Consumer thinks " public traffic " and " civilized travel " traffic of can effective processing is embraced

In the big city that develops at full speed in economy, the contradictory all along of car and road is most outstanding. Road development and the character that car develops are different, from road investment, construction and apply time limit for a project to grow etc can see, with the development of car speed photograph is compared, road can be slow change or slow growth only, divide outside building a city, road produces sharp change impossibly. And the development situation of car is different, often be batch is produced or batch is bought, because this car is rapid growth or sharp change, this is common law. Contradiction should happen between speed change, that is to say rate of road construction growth is incommensurate the growth rate that has an amount at car, this kind incommensurate with incongruous inevitable result, it is to produce heavy traffic to jam above all, make next traffic accident grow in quantity, traffic social effects of pollution is mixed badly wasteful the sources of energy.
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