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Beijing traffic is restricted to go, who is the person that be benefited truly?
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Came on October 11, 2008 on April 10, 2009, try out of Beijing motor vehicle stops every week by plate end date sail measure of a day.
Concrete step is: Since October 1, 2008, this city is various Party and goverment officials seals up for keeping 30% official business use a car. The office of the state central inside area of this city administration, this city is various Party and goverment officials, the official business of the social organization that belongs to with this city in the center of, institution and state-owned company presses plate end date to stop every week with the car sail a day. This city is other motor vehicle (contain the provincial, area that already handled pass of long-term urban district, city to advance Beijing motor vehicle) try out stops every week by plate end date sail a day (legal holiday and) of except of general holidays day, be restricted to go limits is road of less than of 5 annulus road (contain) of 5 annulus road, be restricted to go time is 6 when to 21 when. Stop sailed motor vehicle to decrease impose cost of maintain a road of a month and car boat tax.
This measure, with respect to me the individual understands even if fair car decreases 30% , the fair car that leave and illicit home car leave less one day every week.
This measure comes on stage, very glad is a travel that restrained fair car first. Beijing traffic embraces the reason that block up to have a lot of, viatic element, the car retains the factor that measures mushroom is waited a moment. Restricted fair car to explain the government supports the resolution that block up and raises air quality place to fall to solve Beijing traffic first.

The blue sky of Beijing is actually white during the Olympic Games the cloud, still have expedite way, everybody looks in the eye, happy event in the heart. After all, the air quality of a city is good, road is expedite, have profit to living in the everybody of this city. The true person that be benefited is each person in this city, no matter you are official or civilian, also no matter you are to car a group of things with common features still does not have car door. Drive one shop traveler less every week, to having car a group of things with common features people the influence should not be very big, leave less one day every week just. More what is more,the rather that, go out to the car is received repeatedly " government-owned lord " people must get sit less one day special.

Drive one shop traveler less every week, if can let those who receive his go out in the morning everyday really,be beautiful sunshine the haze that is not dusky, no matter be to sit,fair reassign is reach destination and driving to be able to be inside predicted time is not block up on the road to await, can make each person in our city much breathe fresh air a few days, can experience a few days of smooth traffic more, open one overhead traveling crane or worthiness less.