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I am sina the car is mad roll out package of the bid that guess a car " earn mon
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Sina car dispatch on October 21, movables of fictitious each other tastes sina car " I am a car mad " roll out new package " car mark is guessed guess " , the netizen wins took fictitious car money to add new method again.
The graph is guessed for car mark guess advocate interface

Click here, can will " I am a car mad " the space that adds you

The netizen is registered " I am a car mad " later, "Car mark is guessed guess " can add automatically " pleasure ground " in. The netizen is in after paying 100 yuan of fictitious moneys, can smoke randomly choose 3 cars bid, right now, after you win car award likely open premium namely (open premium namely highest for 5000 yuan of) .




The graph is a car for me mad advocate interface

"I am a car mad " since the line on September 27, wide get netizen reception, join an user to had exceeded 200 thousand at present. Sina car will improve a product ceaselessly, join new package and function, the near future also will have more new " earn money " mode is joined.

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