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Seminar of influencing factor of market of 2009 China car is held
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Chinese auto industry was in 2008 the evidence that growth appears to put delay below rapid development of a few years continuously, suffer the effect of economic big environment and each policy, automobile industry faces new development task: How will automobile industry grow 2009, will get the influence of what element, how to answer all sorts of economy environments changed 2009 and of policy restricting will be the issue that the industry needs delibrate knead dough to be opposite jointly.

2009 spot of seminar of influencing factor of Chinese car market

For this, wagon flow of steam of society of project of car of association of Chinese auto industry, China, China connects development department of natural resources of information of center of information of association, state to sponsor, car of Ya Yun Cun of celestial bodies of north of trade centre of Chinese entrance car, Beijing trades market center undertakes, the media such as network of car of net of times of car of newspaper of youth of Chinese car newspaper office, China management newspaper office, Beijing, sina, China assist the 2009 China car that handle seminar of market influencing factor, held on October 16, 2008, the 150 more than person such as the expert inside leader of governmental director branch, course of study, enterprise and agency delegate, media representing gathers together, discuss the issue that automobile industry harmony develops jointly, face new challenge jointly.

This the main topic for discussion of the seminar has:

1, the economic element influence to market of car of 9 years of China;

2, the policy element influence to market of car of 9 years of China;

3, the bounds of Beijing goes the policy impact to market of Beijing and countrywide car;

4, if Beijing is restricted,the card can reach countrywide market to bring what influence to 9 years of Beijing;

5, the correlation between city of Chinese stock market, room, car city and influence;

6, auto industry moves action to the belt of countrywide economy;

7, the lawful sex that policy of governmental traffic government makes and scientific sex;

Attend discussion honored guest to include, 中国汽车工业协会的助理秘书长杜芳慈、中国汽车工程学会副秘书长韩镭、国家信息中心开发部主任徐长明、中国进口汽车贸易公司总经理丁宏祥、中国进口汽车贸易中心副总经理孙勇、北京北辰亚运村汽车交易市场中心总经理苏晖等.

Industry expert has: Association of Japanese auto industry is stationed in Beijing delegate to be in chief delegate originally plain Xin Huaxin investigates Zhang Xiaodong of doctor of university of traffic of Li Jingsheng of director of institute of information of technology of economy of car of • grand, China, Beijing, Mr Gu Xinguang, Beijing advisory company.

And manufacturer delegate: Wang Jie, Di Gang, Chen Ping, Liu Chaowei, Chen Xiaojun, Gao Feng has, Chen Hongsheng. Agency delegate: Huang Kun, Ou Bo, Cui Yuchen, Shang Donglin, Shang Lei, Meng Xiangzhen, Wang Jiashun, Dai Xiaona, Luo Zhensheng, cereal.
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