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Detain notes China of general motors of new energy resources to send force
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On October 20, general motors was held " focusing China, share global experience " -- general motors can last media of biology fuel research and development is communicated meeting; 21 days, the car of cell of fuel of hydrogen of Xue Folan Equinox of the newest 0 oily bad news below general motors banner, 0 pollution is in Beijing the Olympic Games " water is cubic " the grand sight of Beijing Pan Gu of side appears on place on the west.

Associate to this year on September 16, on current hundred years Hua Danqing law, current capacity produces the global head of Volt of edition Xue Folan to send, apparent, the development key lock that general motors already did not come to his is surely on car of new energy resources, hope in order to develop car of environmental protection of new energy resources brand-new transition shows itself in the car city in future. In the meantime, below the enormous pressure of financial crisis, of general motors company this Dou Zhao shows a series of movements give its to be opposite the confidence of Chinese market.

Prospective detain notes new energy resources

General motors can last the media of biology fuel research and development is communicated can aim to share general motors to be in with China can last the technology with banner whole world of biology fuel domain and concept, implement the strategy of new energy resources that is based on global energy security and diversification of the sources of energy further, supportive China can develop a car to use the sources of energy and traffic system continuously.

As to car of hydrogenous fuel cell, president of company of general motors China holds dimension of article of general manager pleasant concurrently to say, henceforth two years, general motors will introduce car of cell of fuel of hydrogen of Equinox of many Xue Folan, this car can set out from Beijing, the plan shows an activity at the public was being started in China 2009, to China average consumer shows the banner science and technology of car of the sources of energy of general motors cleanness, appeal the public increases the attention that develops to environmental protection the sources of energy and support.

"Create a company as a hundred years car, general motors is satisfied at offerring safer, more comfortable car for consumer only not just, increase in the research and development of respect of technology of energy-saving environmental protection and application considerably at the same time. General motors acceptance, the product that rolls out more energy-saving, environmental protection in succession to Chinese market. " Ganwenwei expresses, "Car of cell of fuel of Xue Folan Equinox is representing the future of automobile industry, the environment that it can make did not come gets no longer the pollution of car tail gas, also reduced the mankind to count level to petrolic at the same time. Also reduced the mankind to count level to petrolic at the same time..

In fact, market prospect is reached in the circumstance of research and development of car of new energy resources to the company, general motors company has sturdy belief from beginning to end. From this year January general motors hand in hand Coskata company quickens alcohol fuel technology to commercialize, to October the quantity produces Volt of edition Xue Folan to add the European head of Cheng report motor-car to send, it is intense that the deploy of strategy of new energy resources of general motors company can say, consolidate step by step. A few days ago, general motors president holds presiding apparitor concurrently to cover with tiles case offer expresses publicly, the general motors business growth on global market and brand-new the progress that energy-saving technology research and development uses the car makes a person very satisfactory.
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