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Car business is faced with tremendous live pressure begins " tearful " sell stor
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This year the beginning of the year, be in car city low during confusing posture to just begin to show, the market that relevant expert forecasts 4S inn shuffles coming. The effect that causes as financial crisis now is shown stage by stage in domestic car market, prophecy becomes reality very quickly. The reporter is visited in car city in discovery, low confused market situation, dealer of car of share of city of car of your Central Plains begins or already planning resell 4S inn.

Elegant cabinet

"This Guangzhou cropland this 4S inn already ' overall bales ' sold, the boss has changed newlywed person now. " annulus of north of city of state of Yu Zheng of reporter v/arc be on the throne is fast inn of this Tian Mou 4S is in the Guangzhou of the road know, although the basic level salesperson of this inn reachs after service personnel to did not change, but this inn already a few days ago formal " easy advocate " , partner and high-level leader had turned new members of a squad-a small body of people working together into the horse.

"Disrelish do a car not to make money now, it is the main reason that this inn is sold. " a personage of know the inside story of this inn interior discloses to the reporter, the employer with this cropland 4S former shop manages this Guangzhou have include automobile industry inside many projects, relatively at other item, come nearly two years automobile industry business is done harder and harder, especially this year car dealer can not deficit is already pretty good, think gain is more difficult again. Fall in such setting just about, the many partner of this inn discuss to decide to swing this " package " , so that turn,do other more profitable industry.

"Should say Guangzhou this cropland brand is stronger, the product below the banner is sprucer annul, the integral gain capacity of its 4S inn is so right still, and such brand begins to sell store. Can be imagined, the day of other trademark has how sad. " be informed the information that inn of this Tian Mou 4S already sold Guangzhou, a car dealer can'ts help sighing with emotion, "Many car dealer had propped up no less than going to. The sale does not earn money now, inn of accomplishment relying on dimension is very difficult, the situation is bad to was forced to be removed before it is too late. The situation is bad to was forced to be removed before it is too late..

"Below present market situation, do not appear behavior selling store is deviant instead. Do not appear behavior selling store is deviant instead..

In the meantime, besides the store of 4S of wide Ben Mou that has sold at present, city of Central Plains car still has inn of 4S of much home car to also be being searched actively " ideal buys the home " .

  Contest of discard of bad of car business superior begins

Be in low in confused market environment, car dealer experienced rustling chill early.
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