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Join the executive force of the plan sex of Japanese and Chinese
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Wild Qi loose birthday: I worked a lot of years in Feng Tian, in the job of this industry, the education that I accept way of abundant field work to me now is a very great help.

The road of TOYOTAWAY(Fengtian) it is a more comprehensive idea, include the esteem to human nature, wait with ceaseless improvement, can saying is a kind of integrated philosophy. On the foundation of TOYOTAWAY, the working experience that the United States is in before also gives me very great help.

Actually, american and Chinese have a common characteristic, meet on working way namely " those who think of with respect to the Fu Zhu on the horse at the action " , english is " Justdoit " , have a kind of such characteristics. Under photograph comparing, the likelihood in the disposition of Japanese has " Justmoment " imply, want the habit that considers a little before put into practice namely.

This is reflected in, when the United States works, the action that the United States works in the same place carries out ability very strong, the thing that think of puts into practice immediately. But at the same time Japan here the administrator that the group comes, the likelihood can follow original plan to undertake affirming first, adjust, carry out again. After going to China, the staff member that I feel China, colleague is in respect of the action, executive ability is very strong.

I want to be in China, want to carry out Japanese according to the plan, this kind of comprehensive consideration method that should replace a plan of course ceaselessly according to change, with the Chinese's action executive ability union rises begin the work. This also may be I come to China go to one's post works one this year since 9 months in some the most intense feeling.

Sina car: The big cereal gentleman that east wind day produces also has similar opinion, he thinks to be produced in east wind day inside, the Chinese is very strong to the understanding of the market, sale, executive ability, and Japanese is a few more ambitious to technical control. Dan Fengtian at the same time another to with sale be good at, inside joint-stock company of Na Fengtian, be Feng Tian is becoming a teacher?

Wild Qi loose birthday: This must begin to explain from another respect first. When abundant cropland overseas begins these careers, undertook actually " progressively and orderly mainland is changed " process, can divide for 3 measure: 1, overseas establishs a company above all, in human affairs and management the respect should build basic structure above all; 2, sell finished product car next, begin one pace to had been done from the sale. 3, undertake in producer face mainland is changed finally.

And the sale that we have showing the ground changing, production, all these cannot leave the education of local talent. After the United States establishs a plant, production is by dominant of Japanese technology personnel, when selling basic by beautiful square personnel namely local is responsible. Of course Leikesasi is more special, when the country of other begins the professional work related Leikesasi, we are to give local personnel to undertake grooming first, impart successful experience of the United States to them, undertake selling next. Leikesasi may have 300 thousand in year of sale of the United States, but the likelihood has only inside Japan very one of, be about to take American experience to Japan to undertake imparting.
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