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Second-hand car market, sales volume dropped into the off-season
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In the heat of summer, the city's second-hand car market has ushered in the sales season. June volume of used cars less than 3 in April by

nearly 9 percent, only slightly higher than in February of this year, while second-hand car prices drop too general

Over more than 5%.

Most cost-effective to buy a car now

Senior appraiser used car segment manager, said: "Since the used car sales into the off-season, all sales intermediaries in order to increase

trading volume, will select the appropriate used car prices down, while the projections based on past experience, to the September and


Were second-hand car market gradually pick up, then prices would be significantly improved, so it plans to buy second-hand car owners may

wish to choose second-hand car trading in the near future. "

In the interview, the industry also generally agreed that, with the lower car prices, used car's profit sharing rate will continue to

increase, in June, the traditional off-season in July to buy a used car should be a good opportunity, consumers will be

Get more benefits.

The average daily turnover of 20

Past month, second-hand car market in the airport, it is difficult to see the bustling trade a few months ago the scene, the reporter on the

scene saw 40 to 50 people only buy second-hand car, and had to queue up to apply for the transfer

Procedures, is now at any hour, two hours or so will be able to handle the full department procedures.

"Now, all second-hand car in the trading center of Tianjin, a hundred people a day will see cars, the final volume will average 15 to 20, and

in the 3 April, the average daily trading center of each can accommodate 300 to 400

, And the venue can be more than 200 volumes. "Senior appraiser used car city of D'level manager told reporters.

In general difficult to sell used cars at the same time, high-end second-hand car market is indifferent to operate BMW, Mercedes and other

high-end used cars you all have complained these high-end cars a day before the transfer of at least 5 to 8, and now a

Can transfer two days has been very good. Section Manager, said: "As the second-hand car prices high, sales of off-season price advantage is

even more difficult by the open market."

Airport evaluation of second-hand car market division said, according to second-hand car trading volume this month, statistics show that

second-hand car in June, trading volume is only slightly higher than February's Spring Festival season, and forecasts based on past

experience, in seven

Month trading volume of used vehicles will continue down, when in July this year may be the least second-hand car trading month.

Prices generally fell thousands

Second-hand car trading volume fell sharply, also affected the used car transaction price, at present, the city used car transaction price is

higher than the previous two months dropped by about 5% to 7%, including low-emission vehicle transaction prices generally fell 300 yuan

, Part of the larger displacement of second-hand car prices fell more than 2,000 yuan.

Reporter in the interview that, sedan Charade [Review Photo Forum] N3 currently trading at 27,000 yuan over the previous two months has

dropped by nearly 1,000 yuan; 1.3L 2007's wide of the Fit [Review Photo Forum], the transaction Price

About 7 million, down more than two months ago 700 yuan; 2.4L 2005 Audi A6, prices fell 2,000 yuan, the current trading price of 208,000


For lower used car prices, market analysis, new car prices declining volume and prices of used cars have had a certain impact. Into June, the

new car has entered a sales season. To stimulate sales, new

Car dealers launched a strong offensive, launched by the thousand or million car price. Affected by this, used car depreciation rates are

also increased, resulting in turnover of frustration.