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Tianjin and commercial cooperation from the five aspects
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According to Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua Zhou Runjian) In order to comprehensively promote bilateral economic cooperation and social

development, Tianjin and Hebei will both promote business cooperation in five areas, including support and encourage powerful enterprises in

Tianjin Bohai Service

Sea region such as the new second-hand car market.

    Tianjin Municipal Government General Office recently issued the "Implementation <Hebei Province People's Government of Tianjin Municipal

People's Government on further strengthening cooperation in economic and social development meeting minutes> of work division of the

program," the notice requirement, the two sides will

Strengthen the Convention and Exhibition co-operation. Both organizations, provincial and municipal delegations to each other's "China

(Langfang) International Trade Fair", "Tianjin, China Investment Fair" and other business activities.

    Provide a variety of facilities. Competitive enterprises in Hebei Province and Tianjin, safe and high quality agricultural products into

the market to provide more opportunities in Tianjin and facilities.

    Encourage various forms of cooperation. Tianjin has the strength to guide a large agricultural market and trade leading enterprises to

invest in Hebei Province, or equity participation, joint cooperation in a variety of ways, the construction of vegetable cultivation and

livestock breeding base

Field, the establishment of long-term stable cooperative relations and marketing.

    Promote the circulation of used cars cooperation. Both support and encourage powerful enterprises in Tianjin Bohai new service used car

market, the organization to discuss the two major markets in docking, the establishment of close cooperation between

Promote the integration of market resources.

    Enhance the flow of commerce and trade fairs. Encourage large-scale trade and business enterprises in Tianjin in new residential

construction in rural areas of Hebei Province, to the model village of new houses in rural areas of Hebei Province opened supermarket chains.

Support their large business enterprises linked

Large collection of hand-held product and marketing activities famous new and special commodities.