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Used cars market the lack of credibility is too messy
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Tianjin Automobile Dealers Association, before the Secretary-General Yin Jinping said in an interview, in accordance with international practice, the developed countries in the automotive market is mature, new car and used car volume ratio of trading volume close to 1:6, while China currently only up to 1 : 1 to 1:1 .5, and some cities such as Tianjin is only about 1:0.8, second-hand car market has great potential.

With the international second-hand car market is relatively mature compared to second-hand car market in China is in its infancy: the industry structure is irrational, the market integrity is not high; lack of access conditions, market order to be affected; particularly in China not have a complete , rigorous, scientific identification of evaluation criteria used cars, resulting in identification of the prevailing light weight assessment, evaluation arbitrary and unscientific methods, the evaluation process more objective factors and subjective evaluation results deviate from the actual value of the vehicle and other issues.

Used cars market, the lack of integrity

Reporters learned that second-hand car market is a recognized lack of good faith issue, consumers have doubts about the reason why the second-hand cars, used cars because of the uncertainty itself has the characteristics of the common knowledge of consumers is difficult to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle.

The industry believes that, due to second-hand car market in China short time, industry regulations, industry standards are not perfect, industry structure is not complete, the vast majority of small business entities of the brokerage firm, the quality of employees is generally low, and deliberately withheld the quality of the vehicle defects in mileage (configuration Gallery reputation Forum) table to make a fuss and so very serious.

Yin Jinping said in Tianjin, in addition to a large second-hand car market, but some brands 4S stores have also launched a timely replacement or second-hand car trading business, or even just dozens of meters around the city some of the car wash, car Beauty shops are hanging outside their own "closed car" sign, a plaque that emphasized the "high income car, free assessment."

"It used cars market, is too messy." Recovery vehicle dismantling of Tianjin National League, told reporters, deputy general manager Yan Jialun. Tianjin City as the designated person in charge of vehicle recovery dismantling enterprises, Yan Jialun has over 20 years experience in the automotive industry, and in 2006 the State Intermediate Used Car Appraiser qualifications.

Yan Jialun said: "At this stage of second-hand car trading of private used car market, mainly through such market is not unified operation, but by a large number of second-hand car trading company, which bought the company from the hands of car dealers used car, then down people who want to buy a car make the difference. Because private companies compared with the second-hand car, from the professional knowledge to assess the skills are at a disadvantage, so the buying, selling two trading process, keep the prices down by over-bidding to become the inevitable and things. If the lower price and the bidding is still normal market behavior, then, the company purchased from a used car to car, to hand out to sell this time, the vehicle is to be landscaping, renovation, or replacement of key components to a monitoring the vacuum. "

Yan Jialun also revealed that consumers easily be ignored, so that the local second-hand car dealers tricks include: winter car, consumers generally pay no attention to air-conditioning compressor is damaged; tires are like shoe polish brush on a layer of something, so look up a new incomparable; individual business characteristics will be added to oil the machine, so that the engine had channeling smoke in a few hours of normal use and so on.

Eight Immortals of second-hand car dealers

It is understood that "second-hand car circulation management approach" in the second-hand cars are not set up conditions for distribution companies to make hard and fast rules, there is an opportunity to make some of the operators, have entered the used-car market. Not many places there are some sites do not provide a "second-hand car circulation management approach" and "second-hand car trading norms" of services provided, consisting of only one or two people called the trading market for the trading parties through open trade bill, charge it low market service charges, such "Billing Company" second-hand car market has seriously disturbed the normal order of operation. Some cities have set up the market too much market competition for customers between the price war, second-hand car trading service charges serious decline, and some even to the one and twenty dollars, so that a larger scale, the operation of regulated market has been a great blow.

Recently, this reporter specializing in Tianjin and a few large-scale second-hand car market was unannounced visits.

Wang Lan Village in Tianjin, second-hand car market, the reporter saw, covering 20 million square meters of exposed sky, ground, full to the brim with thousands of parked vehicles for sale all brands and models of vehicles. In the parking lot next to it is four or five rows into the train car is designed like the shape of the temporary buildings, hundred second-hand car company sits within the buildings.

Strictly speaking, calling them second-hand car, "the company" does not necessarily accurate, because the reporters into several "company" in, and did not see the business license issued by the business sector, or the qualification certificate issued by relevant departments. Car seems to have the intention to see a reporter, a company called "Old Three second-hand car company" took the initiative to the press of business recommended a "Vios (configuration Gallery reputation Forum)" and the vehicle's emissions, the use of age, mileage, etc. a lot of introduction, and said this "Vios," a former unit of car, the use of standardized, complete purchase invoices, and ensure quality. When asked how to ensure quality, business people, said used-car market can not provide such a promise. Under normal circumstances, the buyer can come up test on the vehicle condition can be satisfied with procedures for transfer. After the transfer problem, just like second-hand car company irrelevant.

When a reporter questioned the staff is not a business license, whether second-hand car trading, listed, the other explained, Wang Lan Chuang business proved to be second-hand car market as a whole a "big card", all the small businesses in the process of transfer formalities , issued the "big card" and the tax certificate, vehicle certificates of title, small car buyers will no longer ask, do not go into the business sector.

Subsequently, the reporter in the side of "a sea taxi companies," also found in some of the instructions posted on the windshield of a vehicle, in addition to mileage, emissions and the like information, but also specifically the famous "China used car network" site certificate. When a reporter asked whether the site certification authority, the taxi companies charge Shih admit: This is a gimmick, in which the site is finding out any information of this car.

Mr. Shi bluntly Road, in fact, we considered very formal car dealers, where the company Eight Immortals, has a variety of marketing tactics. For instance, some companies are "donkey", that is a selling cars, the other house technicians will take the initiative to the industry or consumers to bear a similar status to "prop up" the role of applause for the sale of vehicles, things can be done after the charged according to a certain percentage of "donkey fee."

Lack of scientific criteria for appraisal and evaluation

The industry believes that a long time, China has yet to have a comprehensive, rigorous, scientific identification of evaluation criteria used car, used car appraiser identified mainly through the expertise and experience of assessment to evaluate the target vehicle, resulting in identification of the prevalence of light re-evaluation, assessment arbitrary and unscientific methods, the evaluation process more objective factors and subjective evaluation results deviate from the actual value of the vehicle and other issues.

Meanwhile, second-hand car market in China there are still serious information asymmetry, citizens credit system has not been established, vehicle maintenance records, accident records and other information is not public and so on, so consumers through independent third-party authority in accordance with the identification of second-hand car assessment criteria, the true state of technology for vehicles, it is particularly important and urgent. Recently, this reporter interviewed the Bay is located in Tianjin, near the flat section of German second-hand car appraisal and evaluation company, which is engaged in a third party assessment of second-hand car, size and reputation in the industry are more prominent. However, chairman of D'Ping has said the victims.

Section de Ping said: "We assess the vehicles each year more than 300 vehicles per month on average less than 30, just to maintain normal operations."

Section De-ping told reporters that the evaluation of such companies in Tianjin, a total of ten different levels of the existence of such embarrassment.

Analysis from the causes of D'Ping told reporters that social cognition is not the first place. The second is the industry standard for assessing the costs of different charge to the public misunderstanding. Frequent assessment is completed, the case of the public interest to cancel car, then the amount you pay, the two sides reach an agreement very difficult. The third is the current used car appraiser industry itself is not standardized, it is hard to generate a sense of trust.

It is understood that some consumers will take the initiative to buy a car with second-hand car companies to assess the vehicles to used car company, to hire state certified teachers of vocational assessment report issued by the vehicle, but some consumers are not aware of any independent second-hand such a professional car appraiser, combined with transfer of used vehicles at this stage, the authorities did not force the production of second-hand car evaluation report, most consumers in order to save time and money, or choose a direct transfer.

In the second-hand car market, the reporter interviewed a number of car to come to the consumer, the consumer, Ms. Zhuo, said today on the used car appraiser integrity and technology literacy is not assured, do not keep a car such as tips to find a little friend take a look.

German second-hand car segment level as the company's technology backbone, appraisers Jing-Ping said, used car appraiser is a very necessary job of accumulated experience, to become a mature and good used car appraiser, should cover 20 years of comprehensive knowledge models , models of the past five years more to have detailed knowledge of, and for various models of the mechanical principle, collision, accident, should have a considerable degree of awareness, but also with the loss of accounting machines, the price formula and according to the ability to balance market conditions. According to statistics, Tianjin used car appraiser 500 to 600 people, but Jing-Ping frankly, about half of the appraiser is difficult to achieve such a request.

Section de Ping believes that the development of second-hand car industry, the direction of assessment must be independent third-party organizations, wants the state to regulate the introduction of relevant laws and regulations.

State tax policy should be related as soon as possible

It is understood that the main second-hand car business diversification and expansion of distribution channels is the current new thing, and the tax department of the implementation of second-hand car market is the "second-hand car circulation management approach," issued by the previous tax policy, which led between the business entities different VAT rate.

Current market conditions, although the used car auction companies, distribution companies and second-hand car market can be issued trade bill, but the first two to tax avoidance, rarely their own invoice, are still second-hand car market by the company or economic invoice.

In addition, all over the country tax on the used car business is not exactly the same criteria and types, the collection of a huge amount of difference is also caused some local used car business profitability, through tax evasion and avoidance have means to stay afloat.

Industry sources, from a legal perspective, the country should as soon as possible the formation of the relevant policy or legal documents, second-hand car market to develop a unified planning measures, tax rules and technical standards; from the industry itself, employees should raise the self-awareness, Industry associations should play an active role in coordinating social control by government authorities.