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Second-hand car industry sources: lane and selling cars at least 30 million yua
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From 10, the newspaper reported continuous selling cars Harbin Airport Road lane and rampant phenomenon, caused widespread concern, the public have condemned the blocking Airport Welcome Road, to the act of smearing the image of Harbin city, many readers to the newspaper called to say, "can not go on chaos", "cancer must be eradicated," "urgent rectification", "retreat approach", which is what every loving people of Harbin, the common voice of the city. Called second-hand car trade sharply pointed out: tax evasion is the biggest temptation. His calculations, a conservative estimate, Airport Road lane and used-car market trading vehicles a year at least 3,000 million yuan of tax evasion. In addition, a number in the "Airport Road used car black market" transactions, consumers suffer the car after another phone call to reporters, about the road to buy second-hand car at the airport happened to be cheated. 4,000 yuan to buy a car and found a violation records "Spend 25,000 yuan bought a Jetta car, the thought was picked up cheap, to make known when the vehicle is a vehicle registration certificate soon abandoned the taxi." Mid-June, Mr. Han Harbin people used the airport road 占道automobile market to buy a car looks very new Jetta sedan. Car dealers say that this car is only 6 years of age of the vehicle, asking for 3 million, to pay the full amount if you can offer the same day 5,000. The offer to Mr. Han made up his mind, he simply read the document after the seller paid the cars. Similar transfer, the seller always something to quibble at home. Han smell a rat, to investigate only to find the relevant departments, which is about to scrap a taxi. Later, the car dealers who turned off the phone altogether. Early July, Ms. Sun Harbin people when buying a car is a pit. She bought a 2008 Honda Odyssey, then look at the mileage, how do car did not open, I did not expect, she opened less than 3 months to overhaul the 2 times, usually small problems continued. Then find a professional assessment of Ms. Sun are detected only learned that the car is a big accident vehicles, cars, car exterior and interior were renovated. "Is a lot of money spent to buy a car, fear most is taken, can be like us, no experience, people who want to buy a used car, too easily deceived by these mobile traders." Wuchang City public Liu Daxing said he to Buy used cars of half a month, to Harbin Airport Road street market to buy second-hand car or deceived. October, spent 4 million bought a Santana 2000 sedans, Che Fanzi said, because it gave him the lowest price, his profits are not taxed, so in the invoice was written about him is 1 million to buy the car . Liu Daxing I thought, this is best of both worlds, they agreed, to pay the full amount, signed the agreement. The results, transfer and found the car in the field illegally record 4,000 yuan. But the agreement did not indicate the seller has refused to bear the costs, he also nothing with. The invoice for tax evasion on the purchase price actually fill 1,000 Harbin public Licheng Wu told reporters saw newspaper reports, he emotionally, not long ago, he bought the Airport Road lane and market a used car, the experience, let him remember. "Buy a used car here, the whole process feel scared, false invoices over the place, nobody, number of transactions have to write the amount of the line, the state lost tax shocking." Licheng Wu said that he bought second-hand at the airport road car , Ju Fanzi said he did not hand the invoice, you must go to dealers to buy, so he spent 100 dollars to Harbin, a second-hand car dealers to buy a uniform sales invoices. Fill in the invoice amount to buy a car, Che Fanzi said, filling less pay less tax, the prices of the line he has given in the end, I hope Lee can understand, after talking to fill in the prices of 1,000 yuan. Licheng Wu told reporters that 1,000 yuan a car, who believe it? However, that is such a ridiculous figure, 300 yuan spent outside USA to find the agent, still run the procedures. In this regard, second-hand car industry sources, the Harbin invoice used car market has been chaotic, transfer of invoice, the development of votes, and even the case of transactions with false invoices had been there, basically regardless of the authenticity of the departments concerned, the invoice will be able to do procedures. No one to restrain, but also earn more profits, this act natural "order of the day", so, using false invoices, the amount invoiced write without tax evasion, has become the second-hand car trading the unspoken rules. Invoice lack of supervision caused huge loss of tax Airport Road lane and second-hand car market in a year whether the number of tax evasion? Used car industry to reporters calculations, the tax figures obtained shocking. Tax rate by 2%, Harbin last year, about 70,000 second-hand car trading platform, at least more than half of Airport Road lane and traded by a car 5 million money terms, the amount of 3,000 million yuan of tax evasion , this is just a conservative figure. Harbin IRS Collection Department staff told reporters that there was the public to buy a used car, holding the third joint invoice payment, they find that he took a false invoice. Prior to transfer to do, surcharges procedures, have not been found. This reporter learned that, last year, Harbin for second-hand car distribution business license and market a total of 84 companies receiving the used car trade bill there are only 28. 28 to open the invoice used car trading business, a huge used car market, this is obviously inadequate. Outflow of second-hand car trade bill, the formation of uniform invoices used car sales black market trading, lack of supervision, resulting in huge loss of tax. In accordance with the provisions of the tax department, used car market operators to invoice only for use in this market. OTC hands of second-hand car dealer invoice is where transactions come from? No more than two channels - fake invoices, to spend one or two hundred dollars within the market to buy invoices. A Che Fanzi said invoices will be able to complete the procedure anyway, true or false, the amount of how to fill in, not matter.