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Second-hand automobile market and have difficulty selling cars deserted closin
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And new car prices, car difficult to put the fire situation is the opposite, second-hand car market at the end of the year has ushered in the excitement of a wave of "cold" does not come close, not sell. "I believe it? Close to the first half of the car I have a few more low-end of the large displacement cars still have not shot, but recently I have several colleagues around the brothers have not received even have a car, in short, is that businesses have suffered. "In the vicinity of Chongqing, a second-hand car dealers operating in the Xiao Zhao told reporters that a fire had expected before the Spring Festival, the car did not expect the hands not only harder to sell, and even more difficult collection vehicles. Collection vehicles are difficult to sell cars Yesterday morning, the reporter used in Chongqing South Road car market that, although the compound is still parked a lot of used cars for sale, but compared with the usual, there are a lot of space, look at the car before the members of the public few. And not far apart on several cars in the 4S shop, but it is a constant stream of visitors to look at cars. "This year especially bad business to do, Dajiadoumang get a new car, and second-hand car market is very short." QST second-hand car dealers of the Manager Li shook his head reluctantly told reporters that the compound is close to second-hand car Introduction and phone number, at least a day before the consultation received three to five phones, but recently two weeks ago, one day not even a phone are connected, even more exasperating is that very few calls for selling cars. Manager Li recall that last year at the moment this can be more than a dozen cars a month, half of this year to receive a car, "the middle of seven or eight days is '0 'harvest ah!" Used car dealers in the Manager Sun Xin mountain are too. "Last week to receive a car, selling is not good." Mr. Sun said, the car can not be sold, they would not easily closed car, while consumers are willing to car dealers did not. The family would like to sell used cars Kang recently told reporters: "The recent changes on the travel tax, trade-in and purchase of tax policy and a series of policies to renew a lot of hearsay, whether the message is true, I'm going to wait and see what look at the situation and then decide whether the final transfer. " Half off the price of two thousand "This year can not sell, prices have to drop over the years." Two weeks ago, less 8.6 million "does not prate," the top with the 2009 Excelle, and now 84,000 on the happy shot, and used car dealers look old Sun helpless, he told reporters last month, business is okay, plus car and hard to close, so the price is relatively bullish, the customer point of view several times, he did not make a penny, but now is different, several Days do not come to a customer, "quickly sold it, earning less does not make stronger than, ah, if the put the car in 2011, prices have to drop 2,000 yuan, when it lacks money to make more." Friends of the Lee letter manager said, "New Year" is the second- hand car dealer bloopers, because across the years, the car's age and long for a one year old, certainly affect the price. Which is now nearing the end of the business case so bad, I am sure you hurry to dump stock price. In addition, the collection vehicle is also more cautious, saw the price dare to sell. Second-hand car to pick up next year Land and Sea Pan Yuming, director used car market that hot new car used car at the end of a relatively cold, and various preferential policies about to expire, the draft vehicle and vessel tax. "In fact, a whole year this year, second-hand car market is very dull, no blowout month compared with previous years did not increase volume." Pan Yuming analysis is that since last year, the acquisition tax, car trade and other preferential policies have been introduced this year, also joined the energy-saving car subsidies, substantially boosting the sales of new cars, but now near the end of the year, the acquisition tax and trade-in policy may be coming to an end, this policy to pull the more visible role. As to why the collection vehicle is also difficult, Pan Yuming said that apart from purchase tax, trade-in, travel tax and other policies, how will the future continue to wait and see some change in public mood, not willing to sell that old car, but today people buy a new car Most are "naked" car, that first car, and some families have two cars is also not surprising that more people are buying new cars selling used cars because not many people. However, Pan Yuming, said new car sales have been soaring for two consecutive years, starting next year, is likely to change gradually into a peak period, there will be a large number of potential new car into the used-car market, sources in the car number of cases, second- hand car trading or will usher in a "rebound."