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Airport used-car market by the credit rating class 5A first pay to buy the ill
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7 reporter learned from the Airport Economic Zone, China Association of Automobile circulation has second-hand car market across the country to start credit rating, airport used car markets the highest integrity - 5A level. Yesterday, the market solemn commitment to the community, from now on, consumers traded in the market to trade the vehicle and transfer, the event of illegal traffic, markets can Xianxingpeifu. Since the start of this year in August from a national second-hand car market integrity rating to protect the interests of consumers, and strive to create honest, transparent and open used-car market environment, and recommend the whole society has a certain scale of operation, the operation of norms second-hand car market, establish a second-hand car market brand of service, integrity and grading standards include 11 large projects, more than 70 small projects in the venues, facilities, equipment, function, management, software, transaction size, for the record, information reporting, and industry self-regulation and other aspects relevant assessment criteria and requirements. Tianjin Airport general manager of Sun Guangshun second-hand car market, said as the city's first "5A level integrity," second-hand car market launch of the "Xianxingpeifu" commitment, from December 1 this year, has been implemented. In the future, the consumer second-hand automobile market in the airport floor trading vehicles, and transfer transactions in this market, the process, if there illegal vehicles such as robbery, smuggling, etc., without the need to find the dealer or consumer claims related departments can go directly to airport second-hand car market Xianxingpeifu. "The market is also reminds consumers to buy and sell used cars, handling transactions must be selected when the formal transfer of second-hand car market, so as not to be deceived. As the city is the only national old motor vehicle market, the airport used car market, used car trade now accounts for 50% market share in the city, the annual trade all kinds of used cars over 50,000, of which, the month in November this year alone trading volume reached 5000.