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The beard when buying a car bewares trade trap
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A two handcart trade the personage inside the course of study of the bound introduces, two handcart trade in existing a lot of trap, can be deceived carelessly a bit, this also is two handcart trade dispute case climbs the main reason that rise. He reminds the person that should buy two handcart to want to note the following kinds of cases:

Card takes not complete old car alleged proof is illuminated, it is to point to a car advocate primitive hair freight bill, car purchases Id, car surtax (duty) proof of cost of card of travel of proof, motor vehicle, maintain a road, yearly check proof and insurance policy. Card is illuminated not complete, average hind is very troublesome when dealing with relevant formalities.

The old car vehicle that the course changes his costume or dress advocate permit without branch of registration of vehicles, change at will engine, batholith, change the behaviour such as color of shape of over all dimension, automobile body, it is unallowed.

Smuggling, duty-free or donative car is duty-free with donative car it is the privilege that the country gives aid to some kind of career is adopted policy, special approval avoids the custom duty of certain custom, their use, must suffer custom to supervise. Without pay taxes, cannot be sold and make over.

The car of instalment is done not have in car section completely paid before, this car is in jural do not put in a car 's charge advocate all, buy such car future trouble boundless.

The ground of old car different that different ground trades trades to often can get the limitation of local policy code, in in the future travel process very no-go.

Car advocate the car car that has a problem advocate having a problem is to point to the car of the person that replaces car of others buying and selling, serious violate the rules and regulations to advocate peace lawsuit is in the car of the body advocate, this kind of old car often low-cost, but in case touch lawsuit not carefully, the loss outweights the gain.

Wanting to put an end to the best method that be deceived at all actually is before trade to registration of vehicles the branch inquires, make clear true condition makes car again decision.