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Two handcart master buying and selling " 5 footwork "
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The near future, our newspaper receives a few two handcart in succession advocate report, they and buyer were signed trade agreement, buyer paid cost at that time, took away oneself motor vehicle to register the certificate such as card, travel card, do not go to Xi'an city all the time however formalities of conduction change the name of owner in a register of place of registration of vehicles, this makes them very afraid, once appear,traffic violates act, do amerce and driver's license buckle cent who will assume? To this, institute director Liu Guobin represents motor vehicle of substation of a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant of Xi'an city industrial and commercial bureau, buying and selling is secondhand the car trades had better go to the two handcart city with normal Xi'an, manage not only over there normal, procedure is relatively simple also, can do appropriate to a day a long time commonly all formalities, can make trade both sides avoids a few needless issue.

Liu Guobin points out, buyers and sellers should go to firm of the two handcart market with normal Xi'an, auction to perhaps run the distribute company of business of two handcart displacement only, the contract that signs emend plan, hand in trade cost, open formal bill and deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register in time, all belong to trade legally behavior, get legal protection. Above two handcart advocate the situation that encounter, because buyers and sellers does not have the change that has car number of households and total population to register, consequently the droit of car does not have move, trade behavior does not hold water, the bargainor has authority to recover car, ask buyer clears amerce, perhaps seek the help of public security mechanism. He reminds everybody, two handcart trade have fixed program, avoid by all means clinchs a deal quickly under the counter, needless trouble stays after giving.

According to reporter understanding, of two handcart trade measure basically has the following 5 paces:

■ the first pace

To normal market, talk about the price and test-drive

No matter be plan choose and buy a gratified two handcart, still want to change existing car, to avoid two handcart trade trap and trade falsely, it is market of 15 normal two handcart, OK that proposal buyers and sellers reachs Xi'an city the company of 4S inn distribute of two handcart perhaps auctions displacement the company deals with add of fight hand to hand. According to city the staff member of industrial and commercial bureau introduces, two natural people can undertake two handcart trade, also can commend broker company (the qualification that does not possess invoice) undertake operating.

Think understanding has the name of the two handcart market of lawful aptitude or company, suggest everybody saves the official website of business affairs hall to Shaanxi? D? D? D " Shaanxi steam wagon flow connects a network " undertake inquiring. Both sides is evaluated to two handcart price, affirm while, should examine the function of car and drive circumstance.
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