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Buy two handcart to want to notice compensate pays a record
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Two models are same, the two handcart with use same also a particular year, cast the insurance cost when protecting to differ however 500 multivariate. The reason is a car is recorded without reparations, before another car Ceng Duo second be or get out of danger. Insurance company personage reminds, when buying two handcart, want to notice the compensate of car pays a record.

Last year the end of the year, wu Chang Mr Liu bought secondhand Fu Kang car, flower 1000 multivariate went up to be sure. Before before long, his friend bought exactly like two handcart, insurance cost is less than him however 500 multivariate. Insurance company staff member explains, the car of Mr Liu has had manage compensate record before, and the car of his friend has paid without compensate, the insurance cost of Mr Liu will be so relative rise.

Insurance company personage says, press insurance company regulation, one has compensate to pay the old car of the record, insurance cost affirms the old car that pays a record high without compensate too. Even if same model, use a particular year is same also, the historical record that wants compensate to pay only is different, insurance cost may differ a lot of. So car advocate when buying two handcart, do not forget Xiang Yuan car advocate ask for primary vehicle guarantee slip, if this car has had compensate to pay, the sign that can find a lid to pass a rule on car danger guarantee slip affirms.