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Gasbag also has " the expiration period " automobile security apparatus maintain
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Now, safe gasbag, ABS (brake is prevented hold in the arms dead) the standard equipment that waited for safe equipment to had made most car. And the important and referenced element that these indispensable safety equip to also become consumer to buy a car. But do you know, these safe equipment are very delicate also, need to maintain wholeheartedly likewise.

Safe gasbag has " the expiration period "

In using, want to notice

The car had safe gasbag of course safety factor rose, but do you know safe gasbag also has the expiration period? Of safe gasbag maintain exterior of unlike automobile body maintains intuitionistic in that way, be ignored very easily, ignored pair of safe gasbag maintain, safe gasbag is become likely " invisible killer " . For this, the reporter consulted professional personage, religion teach everybody to maintain how safe gasbag.

According to concerning automobile safety respect expert introduces: Safe gasbag must cooperate safety belt to use ability to assure a car advocate drive safe. Car advocate gasbag place puts safety of passenger of not advanced platoon scent-bottle, stickup adorn article, once safe gasbag is opened, these article can be played to give harm to drive by gasbag by personnel. Should avoid as far as possible at ordinary times high temperature and electrostatic, do not let gasbag and sensor be in high temperature and electrostatic environment to fall, lest cause safe gasbag mistake to open; Avoid sensor of bursa of take offense of accident knock against, shake even, lest cause safe gasbag to spread out suddenly; Do not want do sth without authorization to change safe gasbag system and its periphery to decorate, cannot do sth without authorization alters circuitry of safe gasbag system, do not want the bumper before do sth without authorization is changed and car forehead structure; If car installs gasbag of safety having side and side gasbag installation is on seat, do not sit to seat installation set.

The expert expresses: Car won't malfunction basically in gasbag of the safety inside normal use cycle, but every travel comes safe gasbag and its attachment are checked to 4S inn after 20 thousand kilometers, but the quality of safe after using 10 years gasbag assured hard, must undertake detecting thoroughly, conditional word should change in time. Li Xiaobin's master points out: After gasbag indicates safety to start 8 seconds of 6 seconds ~ in car, still twinkle or grow bright not extinguish, represent safe gasbag occurrence breakdown; Car is in moving process, safe gasbag indicator light twinkles grow after 5 seconds bright, also represent safe gasbag occurrence breakdown, this must arrive in time 4S inn examination, processing, do not let safe gasbag become " killer " .

Bright reason of ABS breakdown lamp is quite much fasten alarmed

ABS brake is prevented adopting dead system is now the globaller active security on the car equips, after the person that drive steps on footplate of next apply the brake quickly when urgent apply the brake, front-wheel drive won't be held in the arms dead, turn to ability to exist as before, that can take the risk that changes measure to escape ahead completely when apply the brake, assure the directional stability of the car. The function with the mainest ABS is not to shorten apply the brake is apart from, however to can maintain the directional stability of the car when apply the brake as far as possible. And the movement of correct apply the brake that steps on brake pedal to be not loosened from beginning to end is the key that makes ABS effective.
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