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Xia Qiu is alternant tyre hardens from maintain proceed with
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During Xia Qiu is alternant, weather becomes cool gradually, car advocate maintain car should from antifreeze proceed with. The summer, a lot of cars advocate like to replace antifreeze with tap water; After the Beginning of Autumn, air temperature drops, difference in temperature of morning and evening is big, tap water affects the regular job of car refrigeration system very likely, so, car advocate should seasonable change tap water into antifreeze. What special need reminds is, of antifreeze change cycle is 2 years, change did not forget to clean engine refrigeration system before antifreeze.

The electrode wiring place of autumnal car accumulator is the place that gives an issue the most easily. When the examination, if discover electrode wiring place has green oxide, must rush with boiled water. These green oxide can cause dynamo n to be not worth, make storage battery is in short report state, serious when still can cause storage battery to discard as useless, perhaps hit do not wear car.

Summerly sky mediate runs at high load capacity, and summer rain is more, car classics regular meeting walks along road surface of a few ford, cause bottom of air conditioning condenser to be infected with on a lot of silt, time is long, can make condenser happening rustily, shorten thereby the service life of air conditioning. Accordingly, after entering autumn, should do for air conditioning maintain thoroughly.

Autumn notices tire maintains even. Summertime high temperature, to avoid tyre pressure exorbitant become flat, want to often check the atmospheric pressure of tire; And atmospheric pressure should complement when autumnal air temperature drops, in order to make its hold the baric range in the regulation. In the meantime, still should check tire to whether have scratch, because balata is in,autumn winter season hardens easily, tire is easy flat or plunge into an embryo. Xue Tian of rain of Qiu Dong season enrages meeting grow in quantity, road surface is easy wet slip, also rise accordingly to the requirement of tire at the same time, want those who check tire figure to wear away right now degree, if deepness of tire decorative pattern is not worth 1.6mm when, should change new tire. The tire that has repaired should change rear wheel, and the tire that repairs more than 3 times should change.