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Configuration mixes dynamical system Wo Erwo to roll out environmental protectio
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Each cars that Wo Erwo makes assemble they 70 one's remaining years are be expert at the painstaking effort of infuse of car safety domain. Have car of a Wo Erwo to also meant you to also have what Woerwo gives you to set one's mind at acceptance, however the safety performance aspect that Woerwo did not put the view in car merely, wo Erwo also will expand to respect of technology of green environmental protection. It is bus of a when Woerwo rolls out mixture motivation below.

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This Woerwo mixes dynamical bus to have inferior fuel to use up, because of this its carbon compound discharge will reduce 30% . With the common benzine edition that is the same as bulk bus photograph is compared, of the azotic oxide of this car and grain content discharge also reduced 40% to 50% . After Wo Erwo mixes dynamical bus to mix dynamical system through configuring I-Sam, this car can regard motivation as origin with electric motor already, also can provide power with derv engine, and both still can use at the same time.

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Of the bus of this mixture motivation as Woerwo roll out, the average citizen that lives in the city also will breathe fresher air, will drive more bus manufacturers to expand to this one domain.

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