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Dream of 30 years and angst
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Face coming 2009 Chinese car watershed, remember in mind since 1978 active those face in domestic automobile group, put forward own brand entrepreneur must 5 kinds of habits of nurturance

" car business is commented on " reporter Gu Ke

The Chinese meets 5 meet the 10 practices that are about to review to undertaking before are a kind of good convention, be opposite especially lack more and more " I day of 3 provinces my bodies " for contemporary Chinese, this kind forces a gender to have its original value oneself. Unfortunate is, be in China, such reviewing often can stay on alternative memory, always be the glory that choose whatever is to one's personal advantage perhaps saw the past only, and the dream that forgot to face future and the angst that ignored actual existence.

" car business is commented on " serve as main forces of reviewing of reforming and opening is medium since 1978, do not hope to accede such abusive. We are coordinate with world auto industry, with his judge standard the sieve singled out 30 years to have 10 Chinese that urge action to Chinese auto industry, 10 foreigners of influential action and likewise influential and urge action but 10 Chinese that lofty ideal did not propose a toast or however it seems that always pathos colour is enveloped.

Why be the judge standard of ourselves? If be found out carefully, fulfil specific data very hard to go up it seems that. Urge action for instance, how can we measure specific impetus, calculative of here neither one is formulary; Again for instance consequence, whose force is large whose influence is little, it is it seems that benevolence person the person that see Ren Zhi sees wisdom thing; Pathos colour is likewise such. The most important basis that the value that we can do a business with choosing the character's heavyweight, place only and the unfortunate rate that the individual incurs will come to to regard us as the choice.

Of course, you still can say our choice was full of subjective sex, but change a point of view and character, we will be flourish with our subjective sex. "The first draft that news is the history " , look in us, different contributor, different judge person, have different perspective, different measure oneself, and this just is the vitality location that we choose so. Also have as reader Zhu Jun equal critically right, and all and critically all will meet by " car business is commented on " be admitted.

Still need to tell everybody why our choice is specific " person " 30 years when consider past of Chinese auto industry back and forth. This is the basic idea that is based on us: The society is the person's society, commerce is the person's commerce, the person is start also be terminal. And have a few crackajack person, show itself from inside billow stream, or become incorporeal person, or become mainstay, or become tide delegate, or although lofty ideal did not propose a toast,let a person however hard dismiss from one's mind. Look in us, mark reforming and opening the optimal way of this one great course, not be to review policy, not be explanation number, remember in mind however their vivid face.
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