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Hand of 1.5L of auspicious Jin Ying uses family expenses big wing-rooms on eithe
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As auspicious this year car advocate the King Kong wing-rooms on either side of one storey house that makes one of models namely Jin Ying appears on the market have period of time, and Jin Ying blocks a model automatically to also be in the Chengdu car that just goes is exhibited go up to appear on the market formally, price 5.98-6.68 10 thousand yuan between, move with the hand from this block a model to form 5.38-6.68 the price interval of 10 thousand, price of large space, tall sex is compared is the main a magic weapon that Jin Ying attracts customer. because such the task that it will load auspicious car future to pound higher sales volume, so whether can it bear a such heavy responsibility? Still cannot judge temporarily, nevertheless our in advance experienced car of this both sides.

1, the exterior - diamond cut highlights style

Auspicious Jin Ying uses diamond to carve aesthetic gimmick, draw lessons from element of lanneret individual character, make truckload the Jun Lang modelling of brilliant getting, Ling Rui, the face before be being compared with King Kong photograph undertook new design, increase brand Logo to enchase in lie between bar to go up into gas, appear exceeding atmosphere. Such exterior should the love that can earn the youth that pursues style, and one of fixed position crowds that this also is Jin Ying.

From the point of flank, jin Ying says with its car of a both sides is inferior to calling small MPV more appropriate, this is the first impression, and be present to be able to be experienced deeply in back row fact actually. Jin Ying is in continuance is keen line while, use three-dimensional administrative levels to devise technique, abounded a rear stereo feeling and deepness, reveal exquisite, simple and honest simple sense, make the rear has lasting appeal more.

Stereo brilliant is gotten exceed design of extensive role model, modelling of the end after making is provided more stereo move feeling. Answer fashionable design, golden eagle exterior still has not little plating chromium to design, and hub of aluminium alloy of black base much spoke, protruding shows his motion is idiosyncratic, cooperate tire of 185/60R15 bright and beautiful lake to be able to be obtained catch soil fertility well.

2, interior trim design is shown slightly middle but the space is quite large

Appearance stage of Jin Ying used more concise design style, the air conditioning of two side gives the elliptic design that blast tuyere uses, more cabinet and lovely, and common what fasten small-sized car at day is medium buy appearance design still needs for some time to suit.
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