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Brand franchise to a used car "Go"
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(Reporter Liu Yue) days, by a reporter on the city used car market survey to know that, from the current flow of the market perspective,

there are still some transactions "trap", which to some extent, as consumers

For fear of "disadvantage" and give up the disadvantages of buying used cars. To sort out this huge market, some car manufacturers have

introduced size of the brand used-car franchise, which has a mature model in foreign countries, has experienced domestic

Localization of the "run", from this year began its expansion, and was known as the brand used cars, "gas station."

Tianjin FAW Toyota, the reporter learned that in September of this year, with the RAV4 and the Prius Cessna into its certification system,

"SMILE certified used car" business scope has expanded to FAW Toyota Vios, Corolla, Corolla,

Crown, Reiz and other 7 models. Up to now, more than 10 brands of car manufacturers have launched a similar service, brand, brand to rely on

the advantages of second-hand car and a strong after-sales service capacity, through the strict implementation of manufacturing enterprises

Certification standards, explicit information on vehicle quality, price tag and change the past lack of transparency of information used-car

market and other issues.

It is reported that a joint venture between the country's top 10 auto companies have received or are about to get brand car replacement and

retail business license, and the brand car companies are focused from the beginning of this year development effort in the second-hand car

market. Points

Analysis of the current pace of development, the model will become the mainstream of second-hand car business, brand authentication mode of

operation also makes the sound development of second-hand car market into the "fast track."