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Winter season is about to buy used cars that pay attention to what
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Battery: winter start the car when the need for adequate power. Because of the cold weather will reduce battery performance, which requires owners should check power, wiring to clean and tight, if leaking, corrosion and so on. For accurate detection of battery performance, you need to use professional equipment. Common situation is difficult to start after stopping a long time after start and stop once they start the difficult situation there. Replacement battery costs about 500 yuan. Engine: the engine cold weather will aggravate the existing problems, such as the acceleration is poor, hard start, fuel economy and low temperature weather conditions not easily found. The reasons for excluding battery appears difficult to start the most likely reason is that the valve caused by excessive carbon deposition. Thermostat failure can cause the engine to remember a long time can not be given temperature, resulting in poor fuel economy. These two cost about 1,000 yuan or more. Mist: mist eliminator to ensure your clear vision. Some of the film used cars, car washing and other reasons damaged windshield fog, caused by frost and fog can not eliminate, to the traffic safety and security. Defogger and windshield are one, and generally can not separate maintenance, replacement costs as little as a few hundred dollars according to different models as many as several thousand dollars. Tires: Tire wear once, will not provide enough friction, thereby affecting driving safety. The emergence of this issue is very dangerous in any season, especially in winter. Check the tires, and needs to pay attention to tire pressure, tread pattern. Check the tires without rupture, a serious imbalance or tread wear. Note that the tread depth of less than 4 mm have been part of tire does not meet the required safety standards for traffic, it will not provide enough friction. Should be replaced immediately, four tires basically the cost of more than 2,000 yuan (not including mini vehicles). Brake system: special attention to check the brake function, which can not be ignored at any time. Winter because of climate and weather and other factors, in particular, need to ensure that sensitive brake to ensure brake oily adequate, the brake shoe in good condition, ABS work properly. Belt: Do not wait until the belt is usually issued when the terrible screams remembered to check it. In the engine cooling, inspection belt for damage, defects, cracks or wear surface due to light of the circumstances, if the above case, that should be replaced. Large amount of electricity in winter, the motor belt should be changed early morning inspection. Cost about 200 yuan. In addition to checking whether the various parts of vehicles outside the normal work during the Spring Festival drove most of New Year to friends and relatives, there are still some home owners to open long-distance relatives, so the best car to remind you after the vehicle before the Spring Festival to do a complete physical examination to avoid adding unnecessary in the festive trouble.