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Used cars and remember the "four essentials" and "seven note"
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With the car market continues to mature, more and more people started to accept second-hand car trading. How to make their cars better price, how should we buy at the right time used car? Below, we will introduce you to some of the essentials of selling cars and buy a car note for your reference. Four essentials of car dealers Retain the real condition: many consumers before the sale of used vehicles will be refurbished the car dealers here suggested that, if sold to relatives and friends, can go to repair shop for regular maintenance. However, if sold to an intermediary company or 4S shops are basically not necessary, because the individual is not only the cost of renovation of the vehicle will be higher than those of professional bodies, and sometimes refurbished effect is not good, reciprocating the loss cost is relatively large. Procedures and tax integrity: the integrity of procedures for the value of the vehicle has a greater impact than even some of the key procedures for the loss of the vehicle condition is also large, the vehicle mainly trading the necessary formalities of registration certificates of vehicles, driving the purchase of Additional fees, road maintenance, purchase invoices, etc., non-essential procedures including vehicle maintenance records, insurance policies, etc., should be identified prior to the sale of vehicles complete these formalities. Transfer vehicle add-on products: the process of using the vehicle, many car owners like to add some equipment, such as CD, speakers, etc. These value-added time in the sale of used cars depreciate more obvious when the proposed transfer of these devices can be transferred if you like to the new car. Choose the right time to sell cars: Usually, the eve of the annual holiday sale of used cars are busy phase, when the sale price is relatively higher than usual vehicle. In addition, new car prices stable, the price of used cars will be relatively stable, when the hand can be considered good time. Seven car note Start the engine is easy to start, as the voice of a heavy boot, that the motor, battery or related mechanical problems. Started, first check the steering wheel (with help) about the intensity of play are the same wheel, steering angle are reasonable, turn or U-turn, the steering wheel killed, the front wheel if the phenomenon of tire wear, if any, this car has may be out over traffic accident. First, for manual transmission and clutch through the mileage to determine the level of degree of need for replacement clutch, shift it look smooth when driving, if the change is not on the block, it shows serious wear synchronizer. In a moving vehicle should pay attention to the occurrence of noise and sound at the size, to determine the sealing of the car and the sound effects, such as the emergence of the noise, indicating the poor quality of vehicle repair, where an air maneuver. The engine idle speed by observing the steady state, acceleration is strong, to determine the engine is good or bad. If the conditions, but also through the vehicle when climbing gear to determine the dynamic performance of the engine. Mainly depends on the vehicle braking system and brake stopping distance is deviation, the parking brake on the ramp to choose, and front up and down the front of each test. Suspension system have a direct impact to the vehicle driving safety. Adhesion of different front wheel will turn when the vehicle sliding phenomenon; the adhesion of the rear wheel is different from the vehicle when braking in corners prone to sliding, more serious impact on driving safety.